VisionNet API Authorization

Firstly, you must have a VisionNet account to sign up to this API. Please Contact Sales for more information. You must then complete an application to have access to the API.

You will then be supplied an API Authorization key. This Authorization key must be sent as a HTTP Header, proceeded by "Basic ", with all requests to the API. So the HTTP Header will be:

Authorization: Basic YWRtaW5pc3RyYXRvckB2aXNpb24tbmV0LmllOlRoaXNJc0FMaW1pdGVkVGVzdEFjY291bnQ=

If an Authorization header is not supplied, or is invalid you will receive a HTTP 401 response.

Daily Request Limit

By default, there is a 20000 daily requests limit. If you exceed it, you will receive a HTTP 401 response. Please let our sales team know if you require higher limit.

IP Security

If required we can configure IP based security in conjunction with the HTTP Header Authorization. Just supply us with a list of IP address ranges when we setup your account.

Test Account

A test account has been created to allow development with the API.

Authorization: Basic YWRtaW5pc3RyYXRvckB2aXNpb24tbmV0LmllOlRoaXNJc0FMaW1pdGVkVGVzdEFjY291bnQ=

It has limited access to certain features. Some of the limitations include:

  • Company Searches always search for the word peninsula in the company name.
  • All Company Report purchases use the company number 378557, regardless of what was supplied.
  • All Submission Counts or Submission searches use the company number 378557, regardless of what was supplied.
  • All report purchases have fake addresses for people.
  • No dates of birth are provided in reports.
  • There is no access to PDF or TIFF documents.

You may also request an API key for testing/development which has access to historic data on 100 companies. Please mention this when you contact our sales team.