VisionNet API PEP Organisation Check

All requests must first be Authorized and must use the HTTP GET method over HTTPS.

Provides PEP and Sanctions check against an organisation. JSON or XML request returns the summary counts, while PDF request returns a full report PDF data stream.{{PEP_ORG_NAME}}?country={{ISO_COUNTRY}}&similar=}{{SIMILAR}}&userRef={{USER_REF}}&format={{FORMAT}}
Parameter Type Description
org_name String Organisation name to search
country String Optional. Valid 2 letter ISO country id. Worldwide otherwise
similar boolean Optional. Returns similar matches to the input org_name using JARO WINKLER SIMILARITY > 90 algorithm.
userRef String Optional. User reference.
format XML, JSON or PDF Return the result count in XML (default), the result count in JSON or the full report in PDF format.

Sample reply for PEPCheckOrg/debenhams?format=json