VisionNet API Company Report, Credit Report and Shareholders Report

All requests must first be Authorized and must use the HTTP GET method over HTTPS. Results are encoded int UTF-8.

This call allows you to see view a brief verification report on a company. You can also use it to purchase a Full Company Report or purchase a VisionNet Credit Report or Shareholders Report. NACE Codes are only provided in Full, Credit and Shareholder reports.

Latest Basic, Full and Credit XSD schema is available here.{{COMPANY_NUM}}/{{COMPANY_BUS_IND}}/{{REPORT_TYPE}}?format={{FORMAT}}&htmlEnc={{HTMLENC}}&email={{EMAIL@DOMAIN.COM}}&allDirectors={{ALL_DIRECTORS}}&userRef={{USER_REF}}&nationality={{NATIONALITY}}&anacredit={{ANACREDIT}}
Parameter Type Description
COMPANY_NUM Positive Integer The Company Number or Registered Business Number in question
B) Registered Business Name
REPORT_TYPE empty or BASIC(default), FULL, CREDIT or SHAREHOLDER If not supplied we will return a slim company report for the company. If FULL then we return a chargeable company report which includes NACE Codes, Director Details and Mortgages & Charges details. If CREDIT then we return a CREDIT report which includes everything from the FULL report, plus a Credit Score between 0 and 100, recommended Credit Limit, Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss and Shareholders details (where available). If SHAREHOLDER then we return the latest available Shareholder section of the Annual Return.
format XML, JSON or PDF Return the results in XML (default) or JSON format. PDF format is available for Company(FULL, CREDIT, SHAREHOLDER) and Business(FULL) reports and is the same as available on the website.
htmlEnc 0 or 1 If set to one, then String fields will be encoded in HTML format. For XML this parameter is forced to 1. For example, ampersands will be encoded as &
userRef String Optionally record a User Reference for tracking usage.
email String (valid email) Optional. If requested Credit Report is not available but can be ordered - error code 406 is returned. By passing email parameter with email address, it will be ordered and emailed when ready. It will also be available by this endpoint.
allDirectors true or false Optional. Return all directors including previous. Default value is false
nationality true or false Optional. Adds information about nationality, EEA residency and occupation for directors if such information is available. Applicable for FULL, CREDIT or SHAREHOLDER report types. Default value is false
anacredit true or false Optional. Returns extra anacredit related data on FULL or CREDIT reports as in Lookup Tables. Default value is false

Company Report Live Result

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