VisionNet API As You Type Search

All requests must first be Authorized and must use the HTTP GET method over HTTPS. Results are encoded int UTF-8.

This call allows you to implement As You Type results by displaying Ajax powered results in the browser for example. If you get a 403 error, contact us and ask us to enable this on your account.

The search query is run against following fields (in order of scoring priority): Company Name, Number (Company, Business and UK), CompanyPreviousName, URL (Companies), Address, Status (Company and Business).

The query will preserve special characters ' & and phrase surrounded by "" will be an exact match. Other special characters in the query will be replaced by space. The address field will only display up to last 2 parts of the address.{{SEARCH_QUERY}}&t={{INDEX_TYPE}}
Parameter Type Description
q Search Query Search phrase composing of any combination of the search fields eg: vision net dublin. Minimum size is 2 characters.
t Index Type Optional parameter where you can specify commas separated datasets to search through. We will search all datasets if not provided:
cs - Irish Companies
bn - Irish Registered Business Names
uk - UK Companies

The response will return a JSON Array, with up to 20 results, sorted by datasets in the order of: cs, bn, uk and the relevance.

Sample response - company(cs):

Sample response - business(bn):