VisionNet API Company Search Count

All requests must first be Authorized and must use the HTTP GET method over HTTPS.

This call allows you to see how many companies will be returned if you perform a search. This can be useful to verify a company number is valid, or if you plan to implement pagination in some search results.{{COMPANY_BUS_IND}}&company_num={{COMPANY_NUM}}&company_name={{COMPANY_NAME}}&searchType={{SEARCHTYPE}}&address={{ADDRESS}}
Parameter Type Description
company_bus_ind C, B or E C) Company (default)
B) Registered Business Name
E) Search both companies and Registered Business Names.
company_num Positive Integer The Company Number Or Registered Business Number as defined by the CRO. If the company_num is supplied then all other fields are ignored.
company_name String A partial or full Company or Registered Business Name to search for.
address String A partial or full Registered Address to search for.
searchType 1, 2 or 3 1) Exact match
2) Starts with this phrase (default).
3) Contains this phrase

We reserve the right to require minimum field lengths, or to limit the maximum number of results which are returned.