VisionNet API DigitalHub Consumer List

All requests must first be Authorized and must use the HTTP POST method over HTTPS.

This call allows you to list consumers that are assigned to your account in DigitalHub.

Request body:

Parameter Type Description
pageNr Integer (Optional) If provided will return range of consumers. Works with "pageSize". If not provided the search will return all consumers.
pageSize Positive Integer (Optional) Return only selected number of consumers. Only works if "pageNr" was provided.
refId String Checks for exact refId provided when creating the consumer
name String Checks for partial match in the first name and surname
dateOfBirth String Checks for exact date of birth in format "dd/MM/yyyy"
country String 2 character country identifier
ageGroup Integer Range Flexible search for age groups int the form {from: x, to: y}
hasCci Enum Checks for CCI status. One of "POSITIVE, NEGATIVE, EITHER, NONE, EXPIRED"
hasPep Enum Checks for PEP status. One of "POSITIVE, NEGATIVE, EITHER, NONE, EXPIRED"
hasEidv Enum Checks for EIDV status. One of "NONE, SENT, VERIFIED, NEED_VERIFY, EXPIRED"
hasL2b Enum Checks for Link To Bank status. One of "NONE, SENT, AVAILABLE, EXPIRED"
updatedSince String Checks for customers updated since timestamp in format "yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss". Required time frame maximum 3 months from now.
hubType Enum Checks the consumer type. One of "CONSUMER_HUB (default), CORPORATE_HUB, BOTH".
fkCompany Long Checks that consumers belong to fkCompany. If set ignores "hubType".

Sample response - json: