Developer Tips

The CRIF VisionNet API has a wide range of features. We are happy to talk through your planned workflow, and recommend which endpoints and report types match your needs. Just contact a member of our sales team, and they will arrange a call.

Below is a quick overview, for the benefit of Developers, Project Managers or Product Owners.


You will need an API key for the test environment, and an API key for production, once your development has been completed. The keys that you might find in the PostMan, or on this site are not fully featured. So please contact us to get setup properly.


Our modern production API URL is: Most calls to it are charged.

We have a test API, containing a limited subset of fake data. The URL is This should be used for development purposes, because it is not chargeable. Contact us for a key.

Connectivity and Testing

Authorisation is described here:

A PostMan collection of example calls is available from PostMan Collection (right click and save-as).

Test Database Contents

There are only about 600 fake companies in the test system. We have an Excel file which contains these companies, and also the fake persons in the system for running Credit Check Individual Background Checks.

Cost Optimisation

We have a "24-hour rule", which means the same report or document is not charged twice within 24 hours. This is really helpful, because in many cases you can download either JSON or XML, and get a fully formatted PDF straight afterwards, without an additional charge. Perfect for archiving, and it saves hours/days/weeks developing fancy reports.

Access to Live Demos, Data Dictionary and Lookup Tables

We include documentation pages for the data dictionary, and the lookup tables. Most reports have live demos available from this website. You will need to enter an authorised email address to see these pages, so reach out to us.

Lookup table values can be fetched here

XSD Downloads (right-click and save as)

Name Link
Company & Credit Reports (2.3)company_report.xsd
Credit Check Individual (CCI) (2.1)CCI.xsd
Search Resultsvnapi_companies(search).xsd
UBO (2.1)ubo_report.xsd
PEP ResultsPEP1_6.xsd