VisionNet API Submission Search

All requests must first be Authorized and must use the HTTP GET method over HTTPS. Results are encoded int UTF-8.

Allows you to get the submission details for a company or specific submission. You should supply either sub_num or both company_num.{{UK_SUB_NUM}}&doc_num={{UK_DOC_NUM}}&company_num={{UK_COMPANY_NUM}}&skip={{SKIP}}&max={{MAX}}&format={{FORMAT}}
Parameter Type Description
sub_num String A unique identifier representing a submission of document(s). A submission may contain multiple documents, such as an Annual Return and a set of Accounts.
doc_num String If you only want to get one document from a submission, then you can pass the submisison document number.
company_num String The unique identifier for the company
skip Positive Integer The number of results to skip. Useful if paging through results.
max Positive Integer The maximum number of results to return. We will only return a maximum of 250 results per search, so it cannot be higher than 250.
format XML or JSON Return the results in XML (default) or JSON format.

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