VisionNet API Credit Check Individual (CCI)

All requests must first be Authorized and must use the HTTP POST method over HTTPS. You must also have CCI or PEP account permission to use this report.

Provides our full background check report for a name and address. JSON or XML request returns the summary counts only, while PDF request returns a full report PDF data stream. If you require further data in JSON/XML, please contact our sales team to register your interest in future enhancements.

Latest XSD schema is available here (right click and save as).

Registries searched:

RegistryMeaningReport InclusionOutput variable names
Consumer Court JudgmentsNegativeAlwaysnum_judgment
Insolvency Service of Ireland Records (ISI)NegativeAlwaysnum_dsa, num_pc, num_pia & num_drn
Revenue DefaultersNegativeAlwaysnum_defaulter
Disqualified/Restricted DirectorsNegativeAlwaysnum_disqualification
Current and Previous DirectorshipsNeutralExcluded with negativeOnlynum_directorship, num_directorship_prev
ShareholdingNeutralExcluded with negativeOnlynum_shareholding
Business OwnershipsNeutralExcluded with negativeOnlynum_business_name
Politically Exposed Person (PEP) and SanctionsNeutralIncluded with includePEPnum_pep

Inclusion of negativeOnly=true parameter will improve response time greatly.

NOTE: Due to third party API integration, in case of an error fetching PEP details, a response of negative counts in num_pep/num_sanction fields will be returned with following meaning:

-1 INTERNAL ERROR while fetching the PEP data. Please repeat the request
-2 NAME ERROR. Provided name is too short and was not processed
-3 NO_PERMISSION - Your account is not configured to allow PEP Searches. Please contact your sales person

POST request format:



Parameter Type Required Description
last_name String Mandatory The person's surname. The first_name and last_name combined must be 6 characters or more. Please contact us if you need to search by four letter name combinations.
first_name String Mandatory First Name. The first_name and last_name combined must be 6 characters or more. We recommend you only supply one first name. Please contact us if you need to search by four letter name combinations.
dob String Optional Date of Birth in a DD-MM-YYYY format. Supplying the date of birth will give you more accurate results, particularly when it comes to company directorships and Business Ownerships.
county Integer[] Optional Up to 5 counties to search as per Lookup Tables. If you do not provide the county, then your search results might contain people other than your intended subject. If you want an accurate report, you should consider this as mandatory.
includePEP Boolean Optional Default is false. Set to true to include a Politically Exposed Person search in your results (additional cost).
pep_country String Optional Used to limit included PEP search only. ISO 2 country code as in Lookup Tables. This only applies if includePEP=true.
negativeOnly Boolean Optional Default is false. Set to true to exclude Directors, Business Owners and Shareholding datasets. Greatly improves response time
maiden_name String Optional Maiden Name. Effectively performs two searches, for the married name and maiden name. Therefore, more results will be returned.
userRef String Optional User reference. Your "Usage Statement" will include this user reference, making it easy to link this record back to your own systems. Some customers like to pass an internal account ID or similar. This parameter does not affect the search performed.
format XML, JSON or PDF Optional Defaults to XML. Return the result count in XML, the result count in JSON or the full report in PDF format. A future enhancement is planned to offer the full report contents in either XML or JSON. Contact our sales team to register your interest.
searchMode Integer Optional Defaults to option 3.
1 - Provided name and surname must match exactly
2 - name%surname wildcard
3 - Default. name%surname% wildcard.

Where a county specified is a Dublin post code (id 50-71), such area will be used in Judgments, Disqualified/Restricted Directors, Bankruptcy, ISI and Revenue Defaulters searches.
Directorships, Shareholdings and Business Ownerships will search whole Dublin county based on remaining search criteria. PEP check, if requested, will cover either whole Ireland, if irish county is supplied, or country if supplied, worldwide otherwise.

Sample reply for /cws/1.6/Check-Individual
{ "last_name" : "Townsend", "first_name" : "Yasmin", "dob" : "25-02-1957", "includePEP" : true, "county" : [11] }

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Data Output Descriptions

Field NameDescriptionInputs consideredData Type
input_nameProvided input nameString
input_surnameProvided input surnameString
input_dobProvided input date of birthDate as DD-MM-YYYY
input_countyProvided input Irish countyCounty Lookup Table
input_user_refProvided user referenceString
num_judgmentIrish judgmentsName & CountyInteger
num_bankruptcyBankruptciesName & CountyInteger
num_defaulterRevenue DefaultersName & CountyInteger
num_pepOptional[includePEP]. Total PEP matchesName, County and Year Of BirthInteger
num_sanctionOptional[includePEP]. Sanctions matchesName, County and Year Of BirthInteger
num_disqualificationDirector disqualificationName, County and Date Of BirthInteger
num_dsaISI Debt Settlement ArrangementName, County and Year Of BirthInteger
num_pcISI Protective CertificateName, County and Year Of BirthInteger
num_piaISI Personal Insolvency ArrangementName, County and Year Of BirthInteger
num_drnISI Debt Relief NoticeName, County and Year Of BirthInteger
num_directorshipCurrent directorshipsName, County and Date Of BirthInteger
num_directorship_prevPrevious directorshipsName, County and Date Of BirthInteger
num_shareholdingCompany shareholdingsName, County and Date Of BirthInteger
num_business_nameBusiness ownershipsName, County and Date Of BirthInteger
risk_factorRisk indicator flag. If the only negative events are satisfied judgments, then medium. If there are any other negative events, then high. Otherwise low.low|medium|high